March 15, 2011

WWWWWinning: The Who What When Where and Why of Winning


Charlie Sheen: Apparently this guy wins everyday, and it seems like the majority of people just don't understand. He opened my eyes though...

Jacko Jack Jackson: One day early this year, guy decided, "They don't win, I win." Sounds like a winning mindset to me.

Me, of course, Mark Wins: I'm tired of acting like I'm not in the top tier of the human race. Time for me to win, baby.

"Convict": Doesn't win at all, actually. He shrinks, suffers concussions, staff infections, and torn ACLs, and overall just gets defeated. Who is this "Convict" guy? Surely, you'll find out soon enough.


Winning: the opposite of losing.
Winning: the total opposite of defeat.

If you lose, you can still be a winner in someone's book, but if you are defeated... well... that's it... back to the drawing board for you, buddy.

What you can expect from this blog: the unexpected.
From poetry and real life stories to opinions on anything, nothing is off limits.
Except defeat.


All. The fucking. Time. Even when I sleep, I win. What the fuck is a nightmare?

I'm winning over here, winning over there.
North to the South to the East to the West.
Mark Wins everywhere.


Short answer: Pfffff, why not?
Slightly longer answer: If I have the choice between being a winner and being defeated, is that even a choice?

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