November 26, 2011

Brendan's Progress and the Final Stretch

So NaNoWriMo is almost over. Today is the 26th of November, and this ends on the 30th.

As of this posting, I have 30,440 words. And I'm on my way to work now (*insert vintage Marko Man rage here*) so I'm done writing for the day.

I do have the next three days off. That's Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. With about 20,000 more words to write, I have to make ENORMOUS gains on those three days because Wednesday, I'm back at work. At least it will be in the morning, so I can come home and try to finish whatever I didn't finish, but still... I need to make the next three days count hardbody.

Like, I seriously need 3 consecutive 6000 word days, minimum, for me to feel like this can be done.

And it can be done.

So where exactly is Brendan right now? At the airport, duh.

And I'm making a total mess of the place. :-)

And I'm not even done fucking the place up yet...

And my mind came up with yet another plot twist. And I'm sure that my mind will have another plot twist in store as well.

Of course, remember, the end of November does not mean the end of the book. Nope, I'm nowhere near done with the first third of this book (as far as my mind can see it as of right now). There's still a ton of crazy shit to just throw into this book, and it's going to be amazing, at worst.

But right now, I need to just focus on that 50000 word goal. I even deactivated my FaceBook.

Yes. This is Serious Business.

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