November 9, 2011

Man on the Move

To heaven, or to hell?
He walks the gray area,
Or maybe a fine line.
The meanest of the mean
Because he could not be nice.

And yet, he maintains this personal,
For reasons, he refuses to explore.
A heroic badass.
A justified criminal.
Vigilante with his own law...

Was he treated unfairly?
Or did he begin the cycle?
They say that the human
Can only learn corruption...

But some are born with it.
Some are born of it.
Some are born about it.
Some are born throughout it.
But who is born without it?

Really though... humans.
Just another animal.
Classify what they want,
They may know the science,
But they defy no science.

Everything is predictable.
Even the unpredictable.
Unpredictable in pattern
Creates unknown knowns
That can be exploited.

This man... he is no different.
Try as he may,
Fight as he must,
He cannot resist
His divine inner workings.

And he will continue to damage.
And he will continue to destroy.
And he will continue to depress.
Until the end, where it all runs out,
And he can continue, no more.

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