November 22, 2011


A part of me is corrupt, a part of me is pissed,
A part of me doesn't wanna be corrupt in this bitch.
The way this world works doesn't give me a choice,
So I express myself in violence since I have no voice.
You can't fight a good fight when you're fighting an asshole,
You can't get the truth for free without a golden lasso.
I have me some dirty money, grenades, and bullets.
I'm just the trap of a trigger, they're the ones that pull it.
You claim to be a hero, but open your eyes,
You're applying pain too, but use peace as a disguise.
If everything was peaceful we wouldn't be here,
Humans cause the chaos, that's why we always see fear.
You say you fight for justice based on what you've seen,
Get the dirt out of your eyes and learn what justice really means.
The real knows that I'm touchin on deep stuff.
After blood comes peace and I ain't even spill enough.

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