November 11, 2011

Obama and the Troops

In mid-October, Barrack Obama has said that the War in Iraq was done and that he's bringing the troop home.

Now, say what you want about what Obama may or may not have done during his term as President, but since I work in an airport, I can totally confirm that I have seen more soldiers returning home in the past few weeks than I have since I first started working there in June. 

Realize that I only work in one terminal in one airport in the US for (approximately) 8 hours a shift, and most of those 8 hours have me either in a restaurant or a dish room, so in the end, I only see but so much. But I have definitely been seeing at least three to four soldiers a week in a four to five day work week.

In other words, after years of a war that we probably didn't even need to enter (because... you know, the guy that took down our towers was in Afghanistan), our soldiers are finally, and definitely, coming home.

I know for some of us, it's a bit too late. I know that for some of us, late is not better than never because the war already took he or she whom was very precious to us already. 

Personally, I haven't lost anyone to the war, but I know friends who have lost friends in the war. Conspiracy theories aside, I think that those sacrifices have not gone in vain.

In any event, in some shape or form, this is a victory. And I just wanted to let you know that if there is one thing that Obama is doing right, he's definitely bringing our troops home.

Happy Veterans Day!

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