November 16, 2011

Song of the Day!


So... have you ever been walking somewhere or going somewhere or maybe going nowhere at all and you got music playing someway, somehow, maybe through an iPod, an mp3 player, or a radio, and suddenly this one song comes on and it changes your entire mood? You were all stable an inanimate one moment, then this song comes on, and BOOM! You're an insane dancing mess... you're driving and suddenly you can't even drive right cause this song is playing, or you're walking and suddenly you start walking to the beat and dancing in your walk, or you were perfectly still and stable and inanimate and suddenly you bust out in a private, spontaneous performance?

Enter "Atomic Dog" by George Clinton.

I'm going through my mp3 player, playing the songs, deleting the ones I don't want anymore and keeping the ones that I do.

And this comes on. Suddenly, I bust out in dancing in my walk, and when I stop walking, I can't even stop dancing, hitting some nasty steps. I forget how hilariously good I can move sometimes.

Anyway, for that, this is the Song of the Day.

Atomic Dog
I need to get at some more funk...

Oh... that's disco... hmmm.... HELP!!!

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