September 11, 2012

9/11: The Tragedy, The Comedy

So I want to discuss my thoughts on 9/11 on 9/11... is that a problem for anyone?

Apparently it is... it was enough for someone (that I don't know and couldn't possibly care less for) to block me on FaceBook and get a status deleted due to... disrespect.

Disrespect of what? (No idea)

Thing is, I didn't even make a joke about it. It was a simple discussion on whether 9/11 was an inside job or not. And then I'm told to leave the conversation alone and to let those who are in mourning to mourn over it. Of course, because I literally said nothing disrespectful about the situation, I continued. Why? One, to be an asshole (being an asshole on the Internet is fun, you should try it in small morsels), and two, because it was already a topic, and I wasn't going to stop talking about it if everyone else wasn't and if there could be some form of intelligent discussion to be derived from it.

But alas, I was blocked, and the status was deleted. Oh well.

One thing that was discussed was the idea that 9/11 was an inside job. We probably will never know the truth about it, but there's something very important about knowing whether it was an inside job or not.

You see, because of 9/11, airport security has been improved. They've managed to catch a lot of different types of objects and keep all different types of whack jobs off planes because of it. (many many many more people may have missed flights due to security, but that's a different story for a different day.) So if 9/11 happened simply because someone in security slipped up, then I am relatively sure that all bases are covered.

But if 9/11 was an inside job, then I'm just as sure that if someone wanted it repeat those events (and do it on a larger scale), then it could be done, and probably rather effortlessly. And this, I feel, is why it's relatively necessary to know if it was an inside job or not, because while a repeat is clearly preventable in terms of keeping outsiders from pulling it off, what can we do about insiders? I don't know if the TSA is ready to deal with that.

The next thing I want to talk about is the thing that actually ventures into disrespectful territory... 

the jokes.


See what I did there?

But yeah... the jokes of 9/11... they're amazing if you look hard enough to find them. Oh, and if you find yourself offended by them. (though honestly, this is my favorite)

The young lady whose name I do not know but can be found under the moniker of Android 18 (and if you click her name, or this, you can go to her FaceBook Like Page) (she's also the one that made that picture and that makes her awesome) said something that I found interesting along the lines of...

9/11 jokes are only unfunny because it's a tragedy that happened in America. People make fun of the nuke bombings in Japan and the Holocaust all the time, both of which had more people killed than 9/11, and people laugh at it all the time, but once you start joking about 9/11, we got a problem.

And it's kind of true. Obviously, you have those people that just get offended by life and therefore any joke about any tragedy offends them. But there are definitely people that will laugh at racist jokes, Holocaust jokes, Japan bombing jokes, dinosaur extinction jokes (hey, they were alive too), Michael Jackson jokes, Whitney Houston jokes, etc. But put out a 9/11 joke, and apparently, a line has been crossed.

My thing is, at the end of the day, they're jokes. I feel like there's a big difference between making a joke about a touchy topic, and then being plain ol' disrespectful about it. Like, there's a big difference between making a racist joke and actually being racist. There's a big difference between make a joke about anyone and actually disrespecting them and their character.

And I think that once people understand that, the world will be a better, more humorous place.

Okay, I think I'm going to cut this blog short. I've got more than I'm willing to type, but I'm tired, I got another adventure to hit up tomorrow (I'm on vacation by the way) (The Adventures of Mark Wins is super dead, so let's not even bring it up) (too bad I already brought it up), and I've made it require that I get up early and stuff. So I'm done here.

9/11. Never forget. And if you do, it's okay America won't let us forget.

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