September 21, 2012

Only a Little Cracked...

I will start a war that I can not win. As long as I create some pain, do some damage, and escape the same way I entered, then mission accomplished.

Some wars are just not meant to be won. This is one of them.

I am a magician. I do magical things. But you've corrupted me. Now you will experience black magic. Good job unleashing my warlock.

Judge me all you want. Talk about me behind my back as you please. Have fun doing it. You're only making me more significant to you than you will ever be to me.

I don't want your pity. I just want your understanding. And if you don't understand by now, then clearly you never will.

I will ask for forgiveness, knowing that I don't deserve it, only once I'm done here. I don't want peace, for peace will only allow me to settle, and if I settle here much longer, I'll collapse.

I will remain silent. I will be silent like a small dose of ever growing poison. I will silently destroy you from the inside. And you won't even notice.

My attacks were always calculated, but now I want more. My greed and my wrath will break me, but it will break you first.

I am not here to win a battle or a war. I am just going to let you feel my pain, even if for a little bit, even if it means nothing to you in the grand scheme of yours.

I am going to be the hand of destruction for a little bit. Clearly, I shouldn't play that role, but your world has given me no choice.

And when I'm done, I will reap what I sow. I will feel the pain and the punishment of my actions.

But that pain will pale in comparison to what happened here.

And I will recover.

And I will be free.

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