September 15, 2012

Message in the Distance

All I really have to do
Is write about seventeen lines.
Mangle them all up
With a bunch of ideas.
And probably put in useless little line breaks.

Like this one.

And this one too.

And what happens is,
This looks like too long of a something for you to read,
Because if you have to do a whole other something
Just to continue you reading,
It's not quite worth your time.

But then,
if you don't read it all,
You'll never truly understand.
And if you never finish it,
And you won't catch what I threw.

Another pointless line break.

And another.

Because I'm a terrible guy.

When I want to be.
I've always said,
The best are better at being the worst,
Because when the best is the worst,
Everyone must know about it

And everyone who was affected by the best
And feels the worst
Hurts in the end.

But I'm generally a good guy.
Because I'm at peace with self,
And I know who I am.

A good guy.

With terrible tendencies.

Like this pointless line breaking.

And with it
I make this whole thing way too long
For you to even bother to read,
Because at this point,
You could have done so much else with your life,
And if you just so happen to be reading it still,
You're actually going to sue me
Because time is money,
And this is time that you won't get back.

Well, I'm sorry.
I apologize.
This was un-obviously a very bad test.
I just wanted to know if you were worth it.

Because I love you.

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