September 4, 2012

Another Outrageous Dream that Needs to Documented

So it's me, RPJ, and Li'l Scar trying to go out to a club one night.

We get near the club, but it looks like every gangster and wannabe gangster ever is trying to kill us... more specifically, me, but they don't seem to mind collateral damage.

We avoid dudes with knives due to their own ignorance and hatred for each other, only for me to be attacked by some Hispanic dude with that wire thing that can choke you and cut your head off or something like that, but I see it coming, and I'm able to protect a part of my neck so the whole thing doesn't get around it, then I punch the dude. RPJ is able to Super Kick some before they can get to it, and Li'l Scar is actually able to remain calm and kill his attempted murderer.

We got up and started to escape, but more thugs attacked us. Li'l Scar pulled out a knife, and along with the fighting skills of RPJ and myself, only to run into dogs that seemed intent on killing me as well. We end the lives of the dogs, and then Li'l Scar steals acar, and drives us to some random strip club that has a drive thru. LOL I DON'T EVEN DRIVE YET, BUT ARE THEIR ANY DRIVE THRU STRIP CLUBS OUT THERE IN THE WORLD?

We all wanted to go in, so we enter the club (not the drive thru, we park the car). As we walk towards a table, some random guy pops a pill in my mouth and says "That should do it." I immediately spit the pill out, ready to beat the guy up, but I was distracted by the boys, telling me that we need to sit down at this table with these three voluptuous white women. We have a small conversation about our night as a server comes and takes out order. The boys and I order non-alcoholic drink via paranoia, while the girls order alcoholic drinks that we agree to pay for. As we agree to do so, the server gives me her number. RPJ wonders how I can just pull numbers without trying. I tell him that I don't even want it and that he can have it, but he says that I should keep it because I might need it more than he does.

By the way, the number was (808)563-6259. I don't know how I remember that number, and I don't know why it's from Hawaii...

Suddenly, everyone leaves the premises, and I black out.Next thing I know, I'm in some building, trying to evacuate everyone. Apparently, I have a number of family members and friends n this building, so naturally, I help them escape. As we get out, the door locks itself shut super tight, and I'm trying my best to open it, but with no luck.

RPJ gets a text asking if I'm okay because apparently all seven terminals of JFK Airport blew up, and that's when RPJ steps away from the building that I'm trying to open up. RPJ looks and sees people trying to jump out the building, then he yells to me to get away from the building because it's about to explode. I look up, and I'm conflicted from catching people to running away. I decide to run, and I'm able to get to a certain distance before some people land on the ground, hurt, and they ask me why did I leave them if I'm supposed to be a hero. Suddenly, the building starts to explode, starting with the top floors, then the bottom floor, which causes that building to collapse, and then a huge chunk of the building comes flying at me. I run, but it's able to catch my legs, pinning me to the floor under it, and sends pieces of glass in my eyes and burns my legs. Someone's able to get my legs free, but they hurt like hell.

The craziest shit though (as if that dream wasn't crazy enough) was the fact that the words "End of Part One, To Be Continued" popped up, like I was starring in my own first person movie or something. And then the burning sensation that I felt on my legs woke me up.

My legs are okay. But wow... another crazy ass dreams in the books.

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