September 15, 2012

Today and Tomorrow

Tonight you will sleep in fear,
Fear of a tomorrow,
A tomorrow that will be greater than today.
But fear is only an illusion,
False Evidence Appearing Real,
So you're simply scared of continuing
Down the path of the useless.

But do you know why you afraid of tomorrow?
Do you know why you fear a greater day?
Because you see no greatness in yourself,
And thus, these days are as meaningless as you find yourself.
You don't want to see tomorrow
Because you already broke you mirror
And you're not in pursuit of a new one.

You don't like the images you see,
And you prefer to have your eyes closed,
But until you die, closed eyes must open.
And you fear death more than you do the next day,
So you maintain a daily nightmare of sorts,
Scared of the new, scared of the day,
And that small moment of night
Is hardly worth waiting for anyway.

So continue with life, coward,
And continue to decide to not mend what's broken.
You fear what you can see the clearest,
And you fear that what you see can't be fixed.

Or perhaps,
It's the fact that it can be fixed,
That you rather not explore...

What a doomed piece of work you are.

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