September 21, 2012


Every day I step into that damned arena,
This is the rage I want to feel.
No longer yearning for God's blessings,
I am praying for Satan's hate.
Feed me sin, give me greed, give me wrath,
Give me the fuel that bleeds my eyes.
Grant me extended fever, torch my tortured soul,
Let me toss many flaming stones.

I've been too nice for far too long.
I need the immediate power to escape now.
Patience gone, can't contain my primal fury,
Feel my pain, watch me explode, spectate the broken walls.
And when I leave, I can only hope He forgives me
For forging my path to light via shadow.
Of course, I'll have to start all over,
But at whatever cost, at least I will be free.

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