September 15, 2012

Code of the Mind

Positive feelings towards positive energies.
Yet, I repulse that of the opposition.
There's no real charge on me.
I just push with my hands.

Your walls are not strong.
It's simply just a matter of if.
If they bring a big enough hammer,
Those walls will no longer exist.

Those earthquakes you feel inside?
I feel them too, even stronger.
I don't want to fall in the crack.
I don't.... I just can't let go.

It's funny, the names you call out.
Some are just so false.
And then there are the few.
Those, you'll never comprehend.

I check the box. All the time.
My visions, they see the universe.
Time is no object, but it is,
Can't see it, can't feel it, yet it passes.

I try to hold on to the wind.
You don't need a strong grip for that one.
And yeah, still, sometimes I slip.
I fall. I trip. I land. I hurt.

I sometimes wish I didn't read it,
But it just makes up for the challenge.
Humility is a powerful weapon,
For it burns even after their defeat.

Sometimes, I have to code my thoughts.
Because if I give to you as literally as possible,
You'll call the psych ward on me.
And I don't want to go back.

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