December 16, 2011

Internet Censorship

So there's talk of the Entertainment Industry pushing the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), which could censor the Internet as well as cripple and stop websites such as YouTube and FaceBook, limit the use of blogs and vlogs, and could force Google to blacklist certain websites, keeping people from searching for them, finding them, and even viewing them.

Let's say this passes through Congress and becomes a legit law that does in fact cripple the Internet as we know it. Are we willing to blacklist the Entertainment Industry by simply not watching TV and going to movies and buying music until they get the message?

It's a relatively non-violent way of protesting this shit if it were to pass. We simply make the Entertainment Industry BLEED the greed blood that keeps them running (MONEY). It would also allow money to go into necessary things. Like food and bills. It would also force the hands of soooo many, especially advertisers that make money through the Entertainment Industry.

But you know what? I think Americans are too hypnotized to be able to do even that.

To censor the Internet is a pretty blatant breaking of our first amendment rights of free speech and freedom of press. The biggest thing, however, is that the Internet is such a capable enabler and such a great teacher for those who want to learn. Internet is easily the best school in the world, allowing you to learn practically anything you want for free. And the Government clearly doesn't want us to learn, which is why the Government will have no problem passing this, because if people have the ability to learn, then people have the potential to see how full of shit the Government actually is.

Long story short, we, the citizens of the United States of America, should be daring them to pass this. We should be daring them to limit our use of the Internet, daring them to see if we, the citizens of the United States of America, won't make them bleed. We shouldn't have to plead to Congress to not pass this. We should be daring them to pass this and see what happens to their wallets.

But, unfortunately, like with all bullshit that ever happens, we will get upset for three seconds and simply adjust to the bullshit that we've been given.

I could go sooooooo much deeper into this rabbit hole in terms of money, entertainment, education, voting, etc. But I'm just going to keep it simple and end with this...

If this bill actually passes, please don't remain in your hypnosis. Open your eyes, and more importantly, open your mind to how ridiculous things are getting...

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