December 12, 2011

Standing Before a Fantasy

Your eyes, your lips,
Your thighs, your hips,
Those are the things I desire.
Games are played,
Dumb decisions are made,
But my insides are still on fire.

I once made you scream
In an incredible dream.
These thoughts I just cannot escape.
Dreamed I was your best,
But then you just left,
And I thought that I was too late.

You reach out for me,
Your hands I can see,
Our eyes meet and grapple a stare.
I let you grab hold,
But I stay un-bold,
Lack of words go and prove that I'm scared.

Tell you I should,
But those illusions were good.
I love that fantastic feel.
High risk, high reward,
I could miss, I could score,
And maybe I'll make this thing real.

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