December 9, 2011

Journeys Are Stupid

"Journeys are stupid,"
You try to reason to yourself,
but the fact is,
You love the journey.
You just hate the ends.
Either the satisfaction is short lived,
Or the result is failure.

And you would think you'd learn,
But you never do
Because you go on another journey,
and either get the short-term win,
Or the long-term loss.
And then you come to the conclusion...

"Journeys are stupid,"
You totally agree.
But not totally at all,
because the memories made,
the souls touched,
the new things learned,
They're all worth something,
something greater than the result,
And everything else
you're conscious of.

But that's the problem.
You don't live in the ideal,
You don't live in the subconscious,
You don't live in the hidden realms
Of true knowledge and understanding.
You live in the here.
You live in the now.
You live in the reality.
You live in a life
That consistently kicks you ass.
So you look back at everything
With the most pessimistic outlook
And you think to yourself

"Journeys are stupid."
because you have nothing to show for it.
Nothing of value.
Nothing of worth.
Everything that you ever gained from anything?
Intangible, you can only tell,
but you can't show.
You can't demonstrate.
All of the lessons,
Internal, spiritual, emotional.

You can become as wise as you want to be,
Spread you advice to others,
urging the people to not make
The same mistakes you made,
And somehow, that feels good
To be able to share something
That can keep other people out of harm's way,
But the problem with all of that is,
As much as you block harm from others,
You accept harm for yourself,
And then you realize...

"Journeys are stupid."
You keep coming back to this statement.
At this point, you're convinced
That you have obtained a truth from this statement.
From the broken heart,
To the lost cash,
From the failed attempts,
To the empty fulfillment,
Everything comes back to that statement,
A statement that you hold true at this point.

And there is nothing that could tell you otherwise.
No matter what friend tells you it's gonna be alright,
No matter who appreciated your advice and benefited from it,
No matter if it put you at the right place to avoid a worse fate,
No matter when everything finally comes together for you,
No matter the reasons that you had to go through all of that first place,
The statement of the day holds true.
But you look back anyway.
One more time.
Just to see.
And you know what?

"Journeys are stupid."

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