December 12, 2011

My Words

With all the words out there, how do I make you see mine?
Do I take a picture of them and post them on a sign?
Do I mail them to a famous chick and have her read them all?
Do I quit because my words aren't destined to be read at all?

Maybe my words go unread since I supersaturate
The paper and the pages as I try to instigate
The depths of your mind that you'd rather keep asleep
Since it's easier to navigate the shallowness you seek.

Maybe it's the topic that you just don't care about.
Maybe it's the fact that it's reading like I shout.
Maybe it's not the words, but that they're linked to my name,
Or maybe it's the fact that this isn't a game.

I may never understand how pics gets more views than my words,
Or how I'm auto-losing to those stupid Angry Birds.
Trends come and go, and my words may never pop,
But as long as I'm inspired, my words will never stop.

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