December 9, 2011

Late nites

Why do I enjoy late nites? 'Cause late nites enjoy me.
From fakest light to darkest dark, all of it I see.
Others rest as my sleep pattern cracks and gets destroyed,
As I simmer in solitude that I truly enjoy.

The world is such a different place when no one is awake,
The scene around me, so serene, and calls for no headache.
The silence is appealing and the golden really shines,
The thinking is real fluent during these a.m. times.

Honestly, I love the sun, but night sure has its ways,
Allowing me to obtain peace during my darkest days.
For truth in luminosity is never truly bound,
As some things shine so brightly that in dark its best found.

There is no one to judge me here in this blatant black,
Metaphors allow me to smoke my mental crack.
While I love people, people love me, and I love my light,
Mistress of dark will always have a special place at night.

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