December 12, 2011

When the End Shows Up

The end.
We don't know where it is.
So I challenge you.
I dare you.
To find it.

Go ahead.
Spend your whole time
trying to find it.
Trying to guess,
Where this end may be.
Over here?
Over there?
Or maybe nowhere at all...

But what begins must end,
And where there's an end, there's a beginning, right?
Well, one of those statements
Haven't necessarily been proven to be true...

Especially when you lose someone
And you look for that person
That can fill those shoes,
Those big, big shoes.

Unfortunately, you can't find that person.
Just like how you can't find that end.
And then maybe, that's when you realize...

Something isn't right.
You've always been told one thing.
And when it gets to it,
You find out you've been lied to.

And you wonder.

And you wonder.

And you wonder....

Then you stop wondering,
And you call it an end.
And you find yourself in limbo,
Between one moment of ponder
And another.
Trying to prove things right.
Trying to prove things wrong.
Trying to prove... something.

You're just looking for a truth,
A way,
An understanding.

But you can't find it.
Just like the end.
Or that beginning that's supposed to match the end.

Nothing. Ever. Found.
Because you can't find nothing.
So you can find everything.
And you started to think again.

And your end shows up.

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