December 7, 2011

Song o the Day

The song of the day is Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N' Roses.

This is the first song I ever played in a Guitar Hero game. And I fell in love with it immediately... without ever catching the name of the song.

Years later, a co-worker blesses me with the name of this song as it played on the restaurant radio.

And I feel reunited with a lost love.

Now if only I had a legit mp3 player to play it on... (mine has a broken volume button, so I can't increase volume... booooo....)

Runner up:

Don't judge me for going from Guns N' Roses to Jay-Z.

I can hear what I wanna hear, post what I wanna post,
Steer where I wanna steer and coast where I wanna coast.

'Cause it's alright.

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