May 22, 2011

The Adventures of Mark Wins 1-2: The Night the World Ended

Now before I continue with the many "punched in the face" jokes that we came up with last night due to traumatization, I want to continue on with how good Pacha was a night club. Three floors of music, different music on each floor, and ultimately, the DJs were awesome. Black DJs could definitely learn a thing or two from whoever was DJing at Pacha last night. They didn't interrupt with bullshit promotion and/or sound effects (although there was this time while I was on the first floor, a giant, loud ass horn blew while the smoke and crack lights were in full effect... scared the shit outta me). They just let the music play. Too many black DJs come on and stop the music because they wanna tell us this or they wanna tell us that... does it look like I give a fuck? Play the fucking music and let me dance, dammit. These DJs know what they were doing, and I really do wish black DJs would do what these guys did on a regular basis.

Also, while the place was packed, there's always room to navigate when you're not on the dance floor. I think that's a very key feature when it comes to night clubs, especially in an environment where dancing with the wrong girl can get you punched in the face. 

Now, back to the story of the trip home. We basically get to Times Square, and we chill there for a while because Eddie doesn't feel like getting punched in the face while waiting for the bus in Jamaica, which we concluded is a slightly more dangerous area than Times Square, on the final trip home, so we uses his phone to find a good sync between the train and the bus. We continue with the punched in the face jokes as we wait in Times Square. As we walk to the train station, some guy walks by us at an awkward angle, and Eddie playfully threatens that he woulda punched them in the face if they came at them any wronger. We wait for the train, we get on the train, the train is moving at breakneck snail's pace, and Eddie threatens to punch the conductor in his face for moving the train so slowly. 

Eventually, this one guy gets on the train, and he starts snoring. But he doesn't just snore. No, that would be too easy. He sounds like he's inhaling squirrels or something. I start laughing because there was this one guy that was rather startled by the snoring/squirrel-inhaling that the guy was doing, and I continue to laugh when Eddie said "That's the kind of snoring that gets you punched in the face."

We get off the train, hop on the bus, more insignificant jokes about face punching and traumatization, and we eventually part ways. I do remember him asking me if I was going next week because I mentioned that Paola said that she wanted to go next week, and I remember saying something along the lines of, "I'm not sure yet. Depends on who she's bringing, when they're trying to go, and whether or not it rains. Also, I'm not tryna get punched in the face."

And I get home. Finally. The epic day known as The End of the World finally came to an end.

Final random thoughts
  • Early bird gets the worm.
  • I really wanted a picture with that blue sword. :(
  • Parades often attract tons of hot chicks.
  • Marko and Katalina need more encounters. (stop asking questions)
  • Music is awesome.
  • There was totally some guy that reminded me of a fusion between Undertaker and Randy Savage. RIP
  • Wait, wut did i do thar?
  • The game store and comic store that I randomly discovered on St. Mark's needs to be added to the Team Epic Takeover Tour of Summer 2011. 
  • Certain people should not be allowed to wear Spider-Man costumes. Spider-Man is not short, stumpy, and fat.
  • "You were shooting hadokens?"
  • "You talk?"
  • 99 cent pizza is the wave.
  • Wishful thinking is wishful, but then again, even 1% is a chance.
  • 1% is also a chance to get punched in the face.
  • I just might have to invest in salsa lessons.

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