May 8, 2011

So Now... Everyone is a Creative Genius...

... or a creative philosopher ...
... or just down right clever ...
... or you have undisclosed sources ...

For the vast majority of you, I'm pretty sure it's choice number 4.

Now some of you people were actually funny, creative, and clever before you got to FaceBook. Some of you naturally grew creative, deep, clever, etc.

But some of you... the majority of you... are not fucking clever. At all.

Now here's the thing... I double checked to see my origins on FaceBook... and I was fucking creative OUT THE BOX. This is because I was creative on Xanga first, then on Sconex (RIP), then on MySpace.

But back in the day, FaceBook had an intense character limit in its statuses. However, all my creativity and depth was stashed in my notes... I had poems, stories, and a whole bunch of other random shit that I don't think people could comprehend. I was random before random was in. I was a poet before poetry was cool. I was a creative genius before everyone got the creative gene.

lol, did I really just say that? "I was a creative genius before everyone got the creative gene."


It's thoroughly amazing. I practically innovated creativity on the Internet. But because I lacked tits, no one noticed.

Well fuck you world. Fuck you and everything you stand for.

Know what I might do? I might have to up the ante... I might have to get all controversial with it.

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