May 11, 2011

Games I Wanna See For Nintendo's Next System (aka Project Cafe)

So with Project Cafe coming soon (Nintendo has some amazing code names for their systems... Revolution, Dolphin, Project Reality...) I figure I might as well tell about some games that I would like to see on Nintendo's next console...

Mario & Sonic NOT at the Olympic Games

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games was fun. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter games was more fun. But now they're going back to the Olympic Games again...


It's not 2001 anymore guys. Sonic showing up on a Nintendo platform isn't a shock anymore. Mario's been in a game published by Sega, Sonic's been in a game published by Nintendo. We know you bastards are on good terms. We know you bastards are capable of making the Mario & Sonic game that everyone wants to see. We know you bastards can make the action platforming adventure that combines the best of both world. Stop trolling and make it happen.

Nintendo X Capcom

I feel like the Smash Brothers series is played out (because Brawl killed it). Sure, if there's a Smash 4, I'll play it and I'll probably enjoy it, but if it's going to be like Brawl rather than Melee or Smash 64, my guess is that it'll be short lived.

The interesting thing about Melee is that the game was unanswered for 7 years, and people were playing it both casually and hardcore right up until Brawl's release. But most of the casuals seem to not care about Brawl, despite the game being designed for said casual audience. The market's been flooded with a whole bunch of casual games surrounded by new technologies, so yeah, I can see why it would be that way.

But fuck it. Ono said that he'd love to work on a Nintendo X Capcom. Don't be gay Nintendo. When Ono calls, pick up the gotdamn phone.

New Super Mario Broskis

This series is plenty of fun on either system, still holding true to Mario and being playable by ANYONE, not a given demographic. Anyone with half a brain can pick up NSMB and know what you're supposed to do... go to the right. And you'll have fun doing it. No matter how much you deny it, or claim that Mario is for kids, you had fun bitch. Don't lie.

For NSMB to not show up on either Cafe or 3DS simply seems silly to me, and I would guess that it will eventually come up... but hey... guesses and such.


Mario Kart is a given. It's also a given that it's probably going to be the item-rape train that it was in Mario Kart Wii. Whatever. I will easily accept Mario Kart being like that if F-Zero makes a return. If what I hear about Nintendo trying to recapture the "hardcore" audience is true, then an F-Zero game in development would be something to help prove it.

Knowing how today's players work, Nintendo would probably have to remove the concept of "lives" in the game, and replace it with infinite continues. The concept of "lives" is what adds thrill, intensity, and suspense to the speedy, futuristic, well-designed courses of the F-Zero Grand Prix in the first place, but if "lives" have to go to bring F-Zero back to form otherwise, I think that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

Star Fox

I'm not even that big of a Star Fox fan, but it has always nice to have someone with a Star Fox game around. And I'm not talking about an "Adventure" either. I mean vintage, Arwing strapped Star Fox.

Protip: If you still refuse to put him in the Arwing, make the game action oriented, not an "adventure."

No More Heroes (or something equally as amazing)

No More Heroes is pretty much done. I'd love to see a new game that doesn't ruin the series, but knowing the laws of unintended sequels... still, sword games that are awesome didn't see much light of day on the Wii. If the next Nintendo system keep motion, I'd love to see a new title that plays just as good, if not better, than No More Heroes.

At this point, I don't think that "hardcore" gamers are as "hardcore" as they claim to be. How do I know? Because a Contra game seemingly has no place in the current video game market. I wanna see a brand new Contra game. And I wanna see people beat it.

And personally, I don't care what system it's on. But if Nintendo is sure about wanting to capture the hardcore audience, asking for a Contra game is sure to scare everyone away. lol (what am I even trying to say here? REF!)

What About Everything Else?

Zelda's missing, Metroid's Missing, Sin and Punishment is missing... a number of stuff is missing. But the seven franchises that I pointed out here are the franchises that I want to see either happen/have a revolution or return. Merely my opinion... I'm not speaking for everyone else.

That said, I'd love to hear your opinion... what game(s) do YOU wanna see on Project Cafe?

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