May 26, 2011

The Adventures of Mark Wins 2: Yesterday's Short-Venture

So yesterday... it was a beautiful day outside.

Nice warmth.

Nice sun.

There was no way I was just going to sit inside and miss it.

So I went outside. I wanted to go to a park that I had my eye on for quite a while... a park that is just past Toys'R'Us, which is just past Green Acres Mall. Thus, I call it Green Acres Park. It's actually rather small, but there are plenty of examples of nice things coming in small packages.

I finally went there. For some reason, this park reminded me of Zelda games. It was nice and green. As I said I would on a FaceBook status, I found myself a patch of grass and laid there for a while, just enjoying the wind, the warmth, the sun, the cars driving by, unable to enjoy this peace, and the animals. I saw ducks and squirrels.

Here are some pics...

And that's all I really have to say about it. It was a very short adventure because the park was small, but I enjoyed myself none the less. I managed to come up with a beginning set of poems that I might share at this Poetry Slam Party that I might be going to depending on various circumstances (i.e. laziness). 

For those not in the know of my poetic abilities (or lack thereof), here's a small example of what I might do:

If nothing is forever, then everything is missed.
If nothing is perfect, then perfection don' exist.
If energy is neither created nor destroyed,
Then why are kids able to break their toys?

If nothing is forever, something is classic,
Something is useless, something is tragic.
If something is timeless, time is external.
But if nothing's forever, how is it eternal?

The paradox of time, the paradox of life,
The paradox of husband, the paradox of wife.
I can have one of each, or I can have two of both.
No matter the paradox, forever the oath.

Enjoy the puzzle, not the puzzle itself.
The puzzle will destroy your mental health.
Like when you try to figure out never say never,
Simply understand that nothing is forever.

And that concluded Mark Wins Adventure #2. I'm sure that I'll have an adventure on Saturday though... unless i.e. laziness strikes...

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