May 20, 2011

RIP Macho Man, the Curse of being Epic, [a few] Status Worthy Comments, and Why Sonic Runs Away from Amy

RIP Macho Man Randy Savage.

What had happened was he was in a car accident, and then he died later at the hospital via a heart attack. :-(

I graduated from the 6th grade by way of this amazing song...
I think what's more important, though, is that I'm still dropping flying elbows on people since the 5th grade.

For as long as wrestlers have elbows, his spirit will live on.
Wow, that makes him sound like he was trash. No, he was great.
For as long as there are pro wrestlers, his spirit will live on.

The Curse of Being Epic

I think that I am so unique... so strange... so weird... that I simply appeal to absolutely no one.

Like, I'm simply not mainstream. At all. From the music that I listen to to the TV shows that I... oh wait, I don't watch TV, I watch YouTube.

From the way I dress, which is generally rather simple, to the way I think, which is generally rather deep...

I simply do things differently... do things epicly. Surely, if you met me, you'd probably remember me, but the fact that you met me was probably against chance... I'm just that one of a kind... that legendary... that epic.

Yes, it's very, very narcissistic. I'm very aware of that.

Status Worthy Comments

Lately, I've been dropping some deep shit as comments in other people's FaceBook statuses and posts. I'm collecting them here...

  • If you have the power to run your world, it doesn't matter [who runs the world] in most cases.
  • I wanna take a Blu-Ray disc and make a 2-D game with 20000 levels. Now that's replay value.

LOL. Apparently, I lied. Two comments? That's it? Oh well. I can make mistakes.

Why Sonic Runs Away from Amy...

So because of the FaceBook comments made for this blog post, I've come to the realization why Sonic runs away from Amy.

Here's an excerpt of the script from Sonic Adventure 2:

Shadow: I thought that capsule you were in exploded in space.
Sonic: What can I say? I die hard!

SO! That means that the only time Sonic dies is when he's hard. It's an amazing trait, but it does have a glaring weakness. Surely, the fact that Sonic almost died at that point in the game was because Amy was being threatened at gun point. Of course, since Amy wasn't in the capsule with him, he managed to survive.

What's more interesting, however, is a certain set of events that went down in Sonic 06. While frolicking with Elise, Sonic gets killed by Memphiles. My guess? He was hard. Sure, Elise wasn't even remotely the hottest possible chick, but I'm sure that the only reason he died was because he was hard. And as Sonic said in SA2, "I die hard."

Good job proving it.

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