May 2, 2011

Osama bin Laden is Dead... And...?

So last night, during the trailers, I hear that Osama bin Laden is dead. We get into the neighborhood after the movie and I hear he got shot... my first reaction?

"Killing a leader doesn't stop the cause."

I don't exactly remember when or where I learned that, but I know that it was a fact.

I finally get home and look up the news. I see the video of Barack Obama's speech on bin Laden's death. It was a solid speech. And yes, it almost guarantees a second term for Obama because America is good for voting for people via trivial shit as opposed to looking up what a given candidate stands for.

Then I see the "SHITSTORM" of statuses about bin Laden's death. I see the simple "ding dong, the witch is dead," statuses, I see jokes, I see deep shit about bin Laden being dead and what it means for the country... just a whole bunch of shit.

But ultimately, I don't see bin Laden's death as a cause of celebration because I don't see what killing bin Laden actually solved. Yeah, he might have orchestrated the attack against the US on 9/11, but you gotta realize... there were suicidal people on his team, willing to actually pull it off.

By a show of hands, how many of you are willing to go to the army and fight for your country?

Okay, by a show of hands, how many of you are willing to die for your religion?

mmhmm... even fewer... how about this, how many of you are willing to fly a plane into a Mosque because you don't have bombs to drop out of planes like that?

Yeah... that's what I thought. While America was hit hard by the 9/11 attacks, the guys who did it were regarded as legendary heroes by the people in countries and religions that hate us. You got people showing "raw footage" of the attacks and the aftermath. How about you show "raw footage" of the celebrations that went on around the world because of the attacks? Thousands of people died that day... does that make the people who celebrated bad people? No, they're not any worse than anyone celebrating the death of bin Laden.

What really gets me is how bin Laden was seen trying to cross an area or something like that, and was shot. Obama ordered for the capture or the shooting of bin Laden when they had him cornered... I wouldn't have ordered for the shooting, simply the capture. People are too quick to pull triggers in acts of revenge rather than figure out the cause of the malicious action brought to them in the first place. Why not capture bin Laden, figure out why we did what he did, and form a peaceful solution from there? Maybe our oil prices could start to alleviate. Oh, we don't like peaceful solutions? Fine, use bin Laden to figure out how deep al-Qadea runs so that we can, you know, stop it.

Ultimately, I just feel like shooting bin Laden dead wasn't the brightest idea, even if it looked like the best thing to do at the time. I feel like the best thing to do was capture him, figure him and al-Qadea out, and work from there, either to obtain a peaceful solution that puts America in a better position than has been in, or work on stopping al-Qaden directly from attacking America and whomever else they may attack ever again. As it stands, though? America is still not safe.

Doing the harder work to ensure that America is safe would not only be an amazing example to lead not just the people here at home but around the entire world by, but it would also make America look like a better country to those who hate us. But you know how America doesn't like hard work, so...

Like I said, the people on the other side of the coin aren't bad people. They just have differing views that no one seems to want to get understand. They don't want to get to know us, we don't want to get to know them. It's times like this where I feel peace is (or was) the best weapon. But it's too late... you can't reverse damage like this.

Someone has to step up and be the bigger man. Guess it won't be America.

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