May 2, 2011

Fast Five, Opening Weekend...

... and other things that have to do with movies...

Fast Five was an amazing movie. My personal favorite was 2 Fast 2 Furious, but this one definitely blew that one (and the rest of them) out the window. It was smart, well done movie that had intense star power, knew what kind of hype it had going for it, and it delivered. Big time.

However, I really don't want to go see a movie on opening weekend again. Sure, we got the tickets for free via a nice little hookup, and that made it worth it I suppose, but opening weekend just has too much chaos involved. We originally got tickets for a 10:30 show, but when we got there, the entire place was packed. Apparently, all shows for Fast Five we sold out up until 12:30. However, we caught an 11:01 (or maybe 11:11) show (don't ask me about the whole extra minute). At that point, it occurred to us that not only did we steal seats, but we had our seats stolen. It's real out here... too real for me. I'd rather wait a week for when things are calm. HOWEVER, I'd rather have free tickets first. lol. But yeah, totally wouldn't pay for opening weekend tix.

The trailers were ok... I can only get hyped over but so much. I do know that there's a show that's gonna help my Marko Man books sell because the bitches practically stole my idea, but that's perfectly fine, because I'm going to execute it much... much better. I'm also gonna have to break down and see Transformers 2 because Transformers 3 looks amazing. Why didn't I see Transformers 2, you ask? Well, I honestly think that Transformers 1 was the best movie. Ever. When I heard that there was a sequel, I was kind of upset because it was a sequel to what I thought was the best movie. Ever. And that usually doesn't pan out too well. I heard mixed reviews about it, some saying that it was good, some saying it was bad, some saying it was better than the first one, and others saying that in no way was it better than first one. Because I thought that the first one was the best movie. Ever. I didn't want to taint it by seeing a not so well done sequel... but the third Transformers... looks bad ass. It looks like they're taking shit to a whole new level... but I wanna be in order and know the story and what not... so I'm gonna have to get at that Transformers 2 one of these days...

Humans are idiots. Period. Forget the jumping at the obvious "scary" trailer that had us quiet in the dark for a hot 15 seconds then random (but very, very predictably) makes a loud noise and flashes a monster face on the screen. Forget how no one saw certain results coming at the end of Fast Five. No, let's forget that stupidity and get to how people were apparently so unentertained by the movie that they just had to go on FaceBook. Simply couldn't resist. They just had to post a status, check their notifications and shit... like really? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, the people behind you rather watch the movie and not have this blinding light in the corner of their eye? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe you should be watching the movie and not have your attention span so distracted by the likes of FaceBook, of all things? Damn shame. I'm all for technology making it easier to keep people together and what not, but what the fuck. Just another reason why I rather not be bothered with movies on opening weekend.

And that's the end of my rant. Fast Five was awesome. The people in the theater... not so much.

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