May 16, 2011


So with the end of the world looming, I figure that I should probably get 21 things off my chest before the world ends on May 21st. (see what I did there?)

  1. I never actually owned a Game Boy Pocket. That yellow GBP that you may or may not remember me having? My moms.
  2. Maureen is, hands down, the sexiest female on my FaceBook friends list. No contest.
  3. I love Sally.
  4. RPJ is the definition of scum.
  5. I think that my wishful thinking has toyed with fate on numerous occasions...
  6. I still watch wrestling, and rather intensely too. I will easily watch TNA over the NBA. 
  7. Pictures of sexy women in clothing are more likely to turn me on than pictures of chicks already naked... something about my imagination... (for the record, naked chicks in real life turn me on faster than clothed chicks.)
  8. I sometimes wonder if Christians got it wrong... what if Allah is actually up there in heaven? Or what if the Greeks got it right and Zeus is up there laughing at us due to our stupidity?
  9. I can hypnotize to sleep. If the world doesn't actually end, I'm going to have to see if I can hypnotize someone else to sleep.
  10. When I was a freshman in high school, Mr. Roberts pretty much invited me to join track because he noticed my speed and my triple jump was better than average without any kind of training. I didn't join because I was too busy trying to make the basketball team (when I sucked insanely) and because the cool kids didn't have after school activities...
  11. I haven't had sex since 2009. Additionally, I got my first job in 2010. Coincidence? That said... I should probably have sex one last time before the end of the world...
  12. I believe that the three reasons fate sent me to Temple University was 1) to save someone's life 2) to experience freedom before I was actually going to be able to embody it and most importantly 3) to meet Sally.
  13. I might be a smidget too lazy to be a genius...
  14. I actually got hit by a car once, but I'm so indestructible, the side mirror that hit me broke. And then the due tried to sue me...
  15. I have never beat Super Mario Bros. 2 and I've only beaten Super Mario Bros. 3 twice. The second time I beat it was in 2011. 
  16. I think that Halle Berry is overrated.
  17. I'm not the influential unifying factor that I used to be.
  18. I will not sell my dignity for fame. I have the greatest love of all, so I don't need to do that.
  19. I really do feel that people are really fucking stupid. Like, I seriously find myself arrogantly considering myself way, way smarter than the average human being.
  20. I am addicted to the Internet, simply because the Internet is the biggest enabler on the planet... if you know how to use it...
  21. I am actually from the future. Spoiler: the world doesn't actually end.
Some of those confessions are serious. Some of them are jokes. I'll leave it up to your judgment on which is which.

While I am totally going to abuse this whole world ending stuff for the next week, the world's not ending on May 21st. Think about it... all the predicted shit never happens. All of the disasters happen randomly, with little to no warning. 9/11? Random. Earthquakes in Japan? Random. Hurricane Katrina? Random. (although that a warning.)

So enjoy life, live it as you were going to live it, but at the same time, practice balance. Know when to prepare for the future and know when to live for the moment.

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