June 1, 2011

Mavs vs. Heat: Why the Heat are Going to Win the Finals

I remember in 2009, I had said that the Lakers were going to win the Finals by Game 4, I believe, because the only reason that the Magic won that game was due to a bogus ref call. I had also realized that the Magic didn't even belong in the Finals. Sure enough, Lakers won.

I also remember in 2010, how the Lakers and the Celtics played a relatively even series, until Game 5, where the only reason the Celtics managed to weather a comeback from the Lakers was because of a bogus ref call. Sure enough, Lakers won it in 7.

I saw Game 1 of the 2011 NBA Finals last night, and I'm calling it now. Heat is definitely going to win. Maybe in 5 games (I don't think that the Mavs will get swept), but definitely going to win everything overall. Mavs have one unstoppable guy, but the Heat have three. Yes, three. I didn't really see anyone containing Bosh.

The Heat is an interesting team right now. All season, people doubted the Heat, shat on the Heat, talked ultimate shit about the Heat. They made it to the playoffs, and the shit talk continued, but they smashed every team thus far 4-1. I heard Bosh jokes, I heard how all the Heat really have is their big three. I had seen a few games throughout the regular season (I hardly watch the regular season of the NBA anymore because the games are hardly competitive... at least not as competitive as they used to be), and ultimately, I hadn't see all of the shit that everyone had said about the Heat. But I reserved judgment; maybe I was just watching the wrong games.

I had watched a couple of games throughout the NBA Playoffs, and as I'm watching the Heat, I'm seeing that people are just baselessly hating on this team. From specific games against specific teams to the team itself, I'm seeing a whole lot of nonsense that just doesn't make sense to me...

Mavs will win because they have a deeper bench.
Let's go with that. Let's assume that the Mavs have a deeper bench. It doesn't take away from the fact that the only star on the Mavs is Nowitzki while the Heat have James, Wade, and Bosh. Yes, Bosh. Don't worry, I'm going to get to Bosh soon. Additionally, with having those three, the Heat's supporting cast is good enough to win. Haslem, Chalmers, Bibby (though not last night), and Miller are doing enough to keep the Heat afloat. Not just afloat, but UP there. Additionally, Heat's playing better defense... at least right now.

Chris Bosh is soft.
Let's go with that. Let's assume that Chris Bosh is soft. Let's assume every negative trait you could possibly give to Bosh (weird, gay, whatever). He's still dropping buckets, he's still carrying his weight, he's still the number three man for this team. Whoever's guarding him in this series is not doing that great of a job, he had 19 points last night. Facts: the man is carrying his load.

James is pussy for leaving Cleveland and/or going to Miami.
First and foremost, LeBron James had to leave Cleveland. Period. When you look at the Bulls, when you look at the Knicks, both of which were involved in the decision of last year, they were clearly trying to build teams to appeal to James, basically saying, "Look, we know you want to leave. We want to win a championship. come with us." Both of those teams made it to the playoffs. Bulls did some phenomenal stuff this year, and even though the Knicks got eliminated with no wins to call their own, they did MUCH MUCH better than the Cavs. The Cavs were destroyed. They didn't try to build a team or anything. They just banked on James returning. Note: they never really tried to build a team... it was just the Lebron James show... let's sell tickets.

Second, let's say you're in James's position. You've been playing in Cleveland for 6 years. You went to the Finals one time, but you had absolutely no back up getting there. Hell, you pretty much took them there by yourself (James, by himself, outscored all of the Detroit Pistons in what was apparently a very critical last 7 minutes of Game 5, overtime included). Sure, with Detroit's crushed spirit, everyone wants to show up to play in Game 6, but what happened in the Finals? Nothing. Ultimately, you were playing by yourself for six years in an attempt to win a ring.

But you get nothing. So now, you have the opportunity to win a ring. How do you maximize your chances of winning? By picking the best team, obviously. Am I right? Now, let's look at these teams. You could definitely make the argument that both the Knicks and the Bulls would make it to the Finals, beating, if not destroying, everyone in the East.

But would they be able to beat the Mavs? Would they be able to actually win in the Finals?

When you're about winning rings, winning championships, this is the kind of mindset you have to have. You have to ask yourself, "Can I beat top tier teams? Can I beat the top competitors of my conference? Can I beat whomever comes out of the other conference to win it all?" And you should accurately come up with an answer. Apparently, the Heat was the accurate answer.

So the Mavs are going to lose. Unless they step up to the level that they need to step up too, and not when they're already down 3-0 or 3-1, because by then, it'll be too late.

The Heat will win this series. It's back to the drawing board for the entire NBA. Yes, All of it.

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