June 28, 2011

My Thoughts on Sonic Generations

I played the Sonic Generations demo last night/early this morning.

My mind is blown.

If you are one of the unlucky ones who haven't gotten to play the demo yet, the demo is a single level, Green Hill as Classic Sonic. And from this one level, I'm going to analyze, speculate, and otherwise demoralize Sonic Generations...

The Good
I'm pretty sure that, as a Sonic fan, you already know how the Modern Sonic levels are going to play for the most part. They look like Sonic Unleashed's daytime levels and Sonic Colors without the Wisps. That's pretty much set in stone. It's only a matter of little details, the most of which won't matter much because you're out there blazing paths, flying through the air, and grinding on rails at 500+ mph.

But how about that Classic Sonic stuff? I believe that this was the purpose of the demo... to showcase what Classic Sonic is all about. And I do like what I see.

Classic Sonic operates like Classic Sonic should... unlike Sonic 4. We have momentum, we have platforming, we lack a homing attack, so on and so forth. There are still a few hiccups for the super meticulous between Genesis Sonic games and Classic Sonic here and now, but overall, I feel as though this is going to put on a much better performance than Sonic 4 Episode 1 did. (whatever happened to Sonic 4? Did it die?)

And that spindash........ I FUCKING LOVE THAT SPINDASH! 

Say what you want about how fast and inaccurate from the past games it may be, but this Spin Dash is essentially saying, "We know we fucked up, so we're just gonna make it broken and mindblowingly awesome to make up for lost time." Yes, that what this overpowered spin dash is doing... making up for lost time. I'm sure there are more than enough assholes complaining about it, but I say fuck that. Embrace this ridiculously awesome spindash. I honestly hope that it stays in the final version.

The Bad
You knew this was coming, but honestly, "The Bad" isn't that bad.

Game play wise, I think the game is going to be great. Phenomenal even. Like, I can possibly seeing this game bump Sonic Colors out of it's number 3 spot in my list of top 3 Sonic games... Which, for the curious, is:

  1. Sonic 3 & Knuckles
  2. Sonic 2
  3. Sonic Colors

However, the one thing that will keep it out of the top three is the length. I'm not going to spoil it here, but if you know how to use Google and stuff, you can probably find out that the demo was already hacked and a number of interesting things were found, including a [what might not and hopefully isn't complete] list of levels that will be in the game. Now I have nothing against the levels that are on this list at all. However, I feel like there is no way this list can be complete... When I first saw it, I had a negative knee jerk reaction about the lack of levels involved, but after giving it a second thought, I look at the list and it just feels incomplete. I just hope I'm right about it.

And that's about it. That, right now, is my only qualm about Sonic Generations. That level list needs expansion. And the thing is... the game comes out in November, and it's June, practically July, so essentially, the list of levels is pretty much decided.

The other thing that bothers me is DLC... like, okay, whatever, Sonic Levels as DLC... FUCK THAT SHIT. JUST PUT ALL THE GOTDAMN LEVELS IN THE GOTDAMN GAME. Yet another problem with the video game industry... whatever. You know what? Fuck you. Pay me.

And I think DLC is going to be the one thing that keeps Sonic Generations from being better than Sonic Colors... if, you know, Sonic Generations comes with only the levels that have already been discovered in the list. If the game gets as many, or close to as many levels as Sonic Colors did off the bat, then we have something, and DLC won't be so bad... but hey... you know...

Oh, you don't know? Money first, fan satisfaction later.

And it's times like this I'm glad that the Wii isn't capable of DLC... it's the biggest ripoff in gaming since the XBox itself.


  1. wow you sound like the other sonic fans bitch and cry about everything ... what next oh his shoes are wrong .. just enjoy the game and stop over think shit noob

  2. lol @ obvious trolls... I'm complaining because I want more of a good thing rather than less.

    I literally say, "Game play wise, I think the game is going to be great. Phenomenal even."

    My only complaint is the length of the game.

    But keep trolling guys. Keep trolling.

  3. How bout i troll on ur head bitch !!! i bet you ur a big the cat fan u homo

  4. I hate Big the Cat. Easily the greatest waste of data in all of Sonic games.

    But thanks for tryna guess my favorite Sonic character (and failing miserably).

    You're always welcome back for more food, troll.