June 4, 2011


my emotions are swollen at the moment,
with no one actually around to take notice.
just watched some deep shit from the mouth of Vegeta,
then watched a bad ass bitch, no one could beat her.
I'm up all late, towards the end of this road.
In a week or so, I'm changing to a whole different mode.
All about money, and not even a lot of it
Withdrawing all summer then I'll start up some deposits.

I'm still frikin young, but I feel so ancient,
Like my time has passed, it's too late for me to make it.
Boxing with my eyes, out here fighting tears,
Karate chopping sadness, stomping on my fears.
And yet they fight back, but I have to believe.
pro-actively sit back and let time relieve
the pain and confusion, treat it with prayer,
allow the best to come to me as though it's second nature

but it's always a fight, nothing never lands
you gotta stretch out and take shit with your hands
but if you take shit then your hands start to stink
and if you take shit, then you start to reach the brink
of a mental state that we call insanity
all because you tried to be the best amongst humanity
but best means nothing when the worst has value,
the lies become truth and the truth becomes taboo.

we're always gonna fight even when we're not fighting
never strikes twice is the great lie of lightning.
cause lightning will strike you once and once more
and once more till you can't take it anymore
then your heart becomes stone, thus it can't conduct
No kinda flow, so you can't give a fuck
and that's when you lose, though you already lost
don't want the heart to melt, so you stay in the frost.

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