June 13, 2011

Mavs vs. Heat: Why the Heat Lost the Finals

So after Game 1, I made a post about Why the Heat would win the Finals.

Last night, they lost everything. Here's why.

This is the primary reason why the Heat lost. I said that if the Heat can maintain the defense that they had in Game 1 that they would easily win the series. They didn't maintain that defense at all. If they did, then maybe the whole idea about Lebron James not showing up to play wouldn't be that big of a deal... but since it is...

Fact: Dirk Nowitzki is a better player than Lebron James. Okay, obviously in terms of technicality, that's an opinion, but fuck that. I've been blinded all these years. I was actually a primary non-believer in the Mavs for years. They were the king of empty playoff threats, as each year, they'd make it to the playoffs and do nothing... nothing meaning not win the championship. But this year, they stomped everyone in the West relatively effortlessly. Heat smoked the East, though, without much resistance as well. With that, I thought that the Mavs were done, but... you know... Dirk's better than Lebron. He lead his team. He showed up to play.

ABC would have the audacity to show this guy in the locker room trying to lead his team to victory, cutting nice little promos and whatnot, but then you get out there, and when the game is on the line, you are nowhere to be found.

And then you wonder... if the nWo actually lost... would WCW still be around today?

This isn't exactly a reason why they lost, but Scottie Pippen said that James was better than Jordan, and when I saw this... I lolol'd. Couldn't stop laughing. Trust me, I tried.

But you know... not even better than Dirk at this point.

So essentially, I've lost all possible respect for Lebron James. Not Dwayne Wade. Not even Chris Bosh.
"Well why not those two, they're on the team as well..."

Because Wade showed up to play and Bosh showed up to play. Wade did as expected, and Bosh carried his fucking load. I'm totally going to blame this on 1) the Heat's lack of defense and 2) LeBum No Ring James.

Because in the end:

Edit: You know what's really fucked up though? Boston did it in their first year...

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