June 21, 2011

Status of the Mark Wins Blog and Life Otherwise

So overall, this blog has been seeing slow but seemingly sure growth.

My primary source of views are FaceBook friends, which I truly appreciate. However, I am starting to expand my audience and I am getting views from different sources.

My most viewed post thus far has been "Why Vegeta is Secretly Dragonball Z's Main Character." And personally, I think that's amazing. This doesn't mean that I'm going to turn this into a DBZ blog, as I don't really have that much to talk about in terms of DBZ (although I could make an attempt at another post... maybe it's DBZ that people want to read about, or maybe it's just the awesomeness that is Vegeta.)

My blog has been seemingly dead due to work and due to enjoying my days off outside of my house. It's summer, so one shouldn't be surprised if somehow, my blog posts start to fade in number over the next couple of months. There will definitely be some more Adventures of Mark Wins coming soon, as this summer has tons of awesome activities in store... definitely going to live it up this summer.

I've also gained access to two awesome games which I will be retro reviewing soon, SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain and Need for Speed: Most Wanted. These games are awesome, and I will definitely be playing the fuck out of these games.

As far as blog growth is concerned, I'll definitely have to make an effort to really get this going especially since I'm going to working on bigging up the Marko Man series, and this other random project that I'm not quite going to reveal yet... mainly because the project is just something that I haven't even put to paper yet. Actually, there are a lot of things that I haven't put to paper yet... But hey, that's life.

In the end, the point of this blog is to let people know that the blog isn't dead, but rather chilling. Which it should be considering it's the summer time. I would expect that most of my readers are out doing cool shit anyway, since my assumption is that most of my readers are cool as shit.

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