June 19, 2011

My Address to SCW...

We've been off for a while... I've had time to think about my goals...

Primary goal: To Win the Gold... our coveted SCW Championship.

Other goals: To restore order and respect to our SCW Championship, something that the current champion hasn't been able to do, and won't be able to do.

Furthermore, I am going to put on a phenomenal show every time I go out there. Period.

I've been training on the low...
  • My movement has more speed.
  • My attacks have more power
  • My form is more refined.
Crazy thing... I was ready to go last week, but technical difficulties kept us from wrestling. And I'm sure that I was more ready to go than anyone else on the roster. This week... I make some declaration... just to make everything official.

And whoever my opponent is this week... no mercy. At all.

Serious business baby. I'm taking over. 

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