June 28, 2011

To everyone complaining about my Sonic Generations complaints....

"The game isn't out, but like a stereotypical Sonic-fan, finds something to complain about before the release. Can't even be happy with how well the game is progressing but complains about a "possible" leaked stage list. I give the review a 2/10"

"wow you sound like the other sonic fans bitch and cry about everything ... what next oh his shoes are wrong .. just enjoy the game and stop over think shit noob"

So... in other words... because I am a Sonic fan, I should just be happy with what I get? I can't be critical about anything at all?

Like, view those two comments up there... it's pretty clearly trolling, but I like feeding trolls, so I'm going to dedicate an entire fucking blog to them, because this is bullshit.

Overall, both comments are complaining about my complaint about the game possibly being too short. Apparently, I, as a Sonic fan, should be happy that the game is any good at all, regardless of the length, or lack thereof. Well, let's examine that, shall we?

First off, my complaint directly has something to do with the game play. What part, you ask? Replay value. The easiest, cheapest, dirtiest way to generate replay value is to have a large number of levels.

But what if the game sucks?

When we cross that bridge, we'll talk about it... I thoroughly enjoy the direction that Sonic Generations is going in. The demo showcased what Classic Sonic is all about since we already know what Modern Sonic is all about, and I love everything that is Classic Sonic game play. My review of the demo mentioned a few hiccups that the super meticulous fan would notice if compared directly to the Genesis Sonic games, but those hiccups aren't bothering me. Why? Because the experience is fun, more fun than Sonic 4.

So if I know I'm going to enjoy Modern Sonic, and after having played with Classic Sonic, I love what's in store for Classic Sonic as well, it's clear to me that the formula works. I didn't mention sound... I love Sonic sounds... both music and sound effects, it's one thing that Sonic games do right practically all the time. I didn't mention graphics. I could see Sonic, I could the enemies, I could see where I was going... The graphics fucking work.

All in all, the formula fucking works. You don't see me complaining about Modern Sonic's quills not being of the right length or Classic Sonic's belly being too round or not round enough. You don't see me complaining that Sonic's shoe color is off. No. You don't see that. At all.

You see me complaining about the number of levels that showed up when the demo was hacked. You see me complaining not about the levels themselves, but the fact that I'm hoping it isn't a complete list of levels. You see me even admit that my first reaction to seeing the list was a negative knee jerk reaction, and you see me admit that I'm hoping that there are more levels that simply haven't been revealed.

But apparently, because I'm a Sonic fan, I can't complain about that. I should just be happy with what we got.

You do realize that this game wouldn't exist if Sonic fans were just happy with what we got, right? You do realize that this game wouldn't exist if we were happy with hedgehogs on motorcycles, hedgehogs in glitched up games, hedgehogs turning into werehogs, and hedgehogs that don't abide by the natural rules of gravity and momentum, right? You do realize that the craziness and the madness of the Sonic fandom is the reason why this game exists, right? The silly complaint about the blue eyes and the slender body is a part of the reason why this game exists... you realize that, right?

If me complaining that I want more than 10 levels of what is looking like a Sonic game that I am anticipating will knock Sonic Colors off my personal top three list of favorite Sonic games is a problem when there have been many more ridiculous complaints before this, then Fuck you.

Edit: And to think... people thought I was bitching about this game...


  1. Yes Bitch keep crying glad to make a mark Lose blog you #bigthecat fan

  2. "...it's pretty clearly trolling, but I like feeding trolls..."

    let me know when you figure out you're not in control, ok pumpkin?