June 16, 2011

Songs of the Day!

Large Amounts by Ludacris

This is a song from what was arguably Luda's last good album... Large Amounts. The verse that made this co-Song of the Day is the third one... talks about money and women and shit... basically reiterating the concept of not being able to make the pussy payments. Like... I was at work, just thinking about my mindset really kinda sorta alienated myself from women. Which is, obviously, both a good thing and a bad thing. And then like, my job has me surrounded by pretty young ladies. But, you know... pussy payments. lol. Still, I obviously shouldn't shut out every chick... maybe there's one that will understand my situation and will accept it.

Survive by Rise Against

Ahhh... this song... the message is pretty simple. And yet, the message is so deep. I feel like this is the kind of message that people in any kind of life enduring struggle needs to hear every so often. I definitely kinda sorta needed it today... out here at work doing double duty without cold water and shit....

So I took a number and stood in line. :-)

The job isn't all that tough... could be better, could be worse. But the fact of the matter is... there's gonna be a struggle to upgrade. How I survive this is what will make me who I will be when I get bigger than this.

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