April 6, 2011

Character Change Notes Part 1 of 3: Marko Man

A couple of days ago, I was randomly thinking about some of the changes that I would be making to various characters in the Marko Man series. I have decided to post changes that are being made to the first three heroes that will be introduced to the series, Marko Man, Mike, and Krystal, here over the next few days.

Marko Man
Marko Man was a very overpowered character in the Marko Man series with enough tools to survive any given situation, sometimes using tools that I just wrote in out of nowhere. The entire series is getting its power level nerfed down to slightly understandable levels, and Marko Man will be loosing some of his tools that would allow him to get out of any situation so that the audience can be like, "Hmmm... maybe he won't be able to get out of this."

  • Mega Kick: Same as it ever was, but note that the Mega Punch will be gone and might stay gone.
  • Megodoken: Also the same as it ever was, but the Rapid Megodoken, where he's capable of launching multiple Megodokens, will be gone. That's not to say that this attack will be as stale as it seems it will be. 
  • Blaze Dash: Can be used to run into people and possibly open up combos. It will have a minimum distance and a maximum distance, as it's more a spurt of energy used in a dash rather than a blazing fast run. He would be able to use it to get himself out of certain situations, but nine times out of ten, it won't put him in a position to counterattack immediately. Marko Man will still be quick, but there will be quicker characters. 
  • Bazooka Blast: Since I want to make the use of energy attacks one of Marko's strengths, this attack will definitely have a much more dramatic effect.
You might notice missing attacks. Some attacks will definitely be learned later on, but moves like the Super Teleport and the Dive Bomb are gone. In the end, those attacks don't fit the mold of the kind of warrior I want to build Marko Man into. I'm probably going to make Marko Man a defensive, counterattack character or something like that, but like the rest of the heroes, he will definitely be learning as the stories go on, allowing him to grow into something much more legendary.

That's pretty much all I had for Marko. I don't have much radical changes for him so much as it's just the removal of a lot of abilities including flight (instead, he will be able to jump really really high). From whatever tools he keeps, he will still be a rather familiar character to the long time fans of the series, but there will still be a noticeable difference. Tomorrow, I'll post the changes that I made to Mike and you'll see that I've completely revamped his character from its original design. Krystal as well, on Friday.

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