April 7, 2011

Character Change Notes Part 2 of 3: MIKE!

So yesterday, I posted some notes on Marko Man's changes. In generally, it was more the removal of things from the character's fighting style rather than explicit changes... pretty much the opposite of what we see here with MIKE!

Mike had somewhat inconsistent "psychic" powers. In reality, the vast majority of his attacks were based on Psychic Pokemon attacks. Psybeam and Psywave had direct name rips, but worked slightly differently. Super Team was essentially Double Team. He also had the ability to read into what abilities an opponent knew they were capable of doing. His fighting style was pretty straightforward, but using the Super Team that could create 10 copies of himself, he could pull off some silly tricks.

This time around, Mike won't have the inconsistent, but rather have powers that will tentatively be called "the Force." Yes, just like Star Wars. Mike will be a more defensive fighter, using his force powers to force and punish an opponent's mistakes, as well as deal with hoards of enemies with particular ease.

  • Force Punches: Punches that have some force on the end of them, giving him extended range. Whether this will be with his kicks is something I'm still debating on in my head.
  • Force Rush: This is what the Psybeam was, a direct shot at an opponent to do damage.
  • Force Wave: Like the Psywave, this will be able to knock an opponent or multiple opponents away from him
  • Force Coaster: Mike uses a bunch of energy to use a large force that will knock opponents up into the air, and then another that slams them back down into the ground pretty hard.

Like I said, the force is the tentative name, and honestly, the power still needs works. The force isn't going to be like the average energy projectile... it's going to be different, but I'm not 100% sure how so. I also don't want it to be completely invisible like it would seem to give the impression that it would. There are a lot of details within Mike's power to work with, and it will definitely prove to be something interesting within the context of various battles and storylines.

Tomorrow, I'll cover Krystal. No more rainbows for her. lol

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