April 8, 2011

Character Change Notes Part 3 of 3: Krystal

Today is the last day I post character notes, and the final character for this little series is...

Krystal was the first female warrior I had introduced in the written series, and most of her attacks were color coordinated. Krystal Kick, Purple Punch, Blue Blast, Rapid Red Shots, Brown Bomb (no, that attack has nothing to do with diarrhea), Color Flash (a psychedelic rip of DBZ's Solar Flare) and the Rainbow Blast (no she's not a lesbian) were simply a portion of her colorful move set. With that arsenal of attacks, she made herself into more than just a damsel in distress and was a force to be reckoned with.

In the new series, I'm removing the colors energy and giving her shine, or light, or something along those lines. Even though I will be changing the same of some of the attacks and completely removing others, I still want Krystal to be a force to be reckoned with. She'll be kind of an all round fighter like Marko, but with a much more aggressive, offensive fighting style, wanting to push the action and get the damage in rather than bait around for a counter attack. It will prove to be an interesting dynamic when all three of them get used in the same battle.

  • Krystal Kick: The same as it ever was, a powerful, energy kick. Probably slightly faster, but not as strong as Marko's Mega Kick.
  • Shine Blast: A simple energy blast.
  • Shine Bomb: A not so simple, rather powerful energy blast.
  • Fireworks!: not exactly sure how I'm going to have this work... either it will be a blast into the air that explodes and rains down energy projectiles or it will be a series of four to six blasts fired at one time.
Krystal has always been a fun character to use in the series, and I think that with the given modifications to both her and the series, she'll be even more to write. I still have a number of things to consider with this character, such as whether she just has raw energy or if there should something deeper with the light in her, as well the use of other attacks that she had that weren't necessary overpowered, but may not fit how I want the character to operate.

Well, that's all for now. Everything else, you'll just have to wait to read it. I will leave off with a couple of final thoughts...
    Final Overall Notes:
    • Most of the characters no longer have flight. They will be able to jump rather high though, and maybe even have a double or triple jump...
    • Combos are still going to be present... it's gonna be so much fun writing combos that have a double jump in them. :)
    • Just because I didn't post an attack within this series doesn't mean that the character lost the attack... for example, it's a very safe bet that Marko Man is going to eventually get his Turbo Charge.
    • I'm going to try and make it such that character actually learn their attacks in the process of fights, rather than just picking them up on the fly. However, if a character goes on a hiatus and comes back with a new attack... well, can you blame me?
    • Whether I get a publisher deal or I go independent, quality will NOT be sacrificed. Wish me luck!

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