April 22, 2011

Zones that I Want to See in Sonic Generations

So with Sonic Generations on the way (and possibly more than half way complete), there are the levels that I want to see in this game.

Spring Yard Zone
I personally think that it would be soooo cool to see this level rendered in 3D. I would also love to see how they design this level around the boosting of Modern Sonic.

Labyrinth Zone
I feel like this has to be the water level of choice from the classic games. Even with a spin dash, I think it’s the most difficult of the water levels from the Sega Genesis days. I also think it has the best song of the water levels in the Genesis games as well.

Oil Ocean Zone
I feel like Oil Ocean Zone is too unique of a level to NOT put in a game like this, but I also feel like Oil Ocean Zone is too complex of a zone for them to bother rendering in 3D… but is it really that complex? Replace bottomless pit with oil, given Modern Sonic the ability to boost over it like water, possibly bring back the ol’ oil swimming trick… The possibilities here are pretty cool.

Marble Gardens Zone
The problem here is that it seems that I’m part of the minority, as I seem to be the only person I ever met that really enjoyed this zone. The steep hills and the variation of moving platforms made this level a classic in my opinion, and doing this in 3D has tons of potential to be awesome.

Carnival Night Zone
The basis of this desire is the historical impact of Act 2’s impassible barrel. Not only is there the potential to have Sonic remember not knowing how to pass this level, but this level was pretty intense on its own, with the various elements that had you going in all directions, random flooding initiated by Knuckles, and a boss that tried to be Magneto. Awesome.

Launch Base Zone
This was an awesome level that housed the Death Egg. It was an awesome level. Awesome music. Awesome cut scenes. It was just awesome, but I fear that its awesomeness will keep it out of the game.

Hidden Palace Zone

Death Egg Zone
The Death Egg is a terrible weapon… like seriously, what devastation his the Death Egg caused? Absolutely nothing. That’s not to say that the level, the music, and the bosses that this level produced weren’t awesome. And who knows, maybe Sonic Generations will actually make the Death Egg a legit threat.
Just one level from Sonic 3D Blast
Irony wants this to happen.

Any Level From Sonic 3D Blast
Irony would like to see this happen.

Resort Island
Can you feel the Sunshine? Does it brighten up your Day?
(I don't think I will ever understand the "Tails Doll Curse." But it would be sooooo awesome if it was referenced in Sonic Generations.)

Ice Cap Zone
Ice Cap Zone is a unique case where 2D Sonic can do the Ice Cap Zone from Sonic 3 and 3D Sonic can do the Ice Cap Zone from Sonic Adventure. It would be interesting to see something like that, but I feel that Ice Cap Zone should show up in some capacity.

City Escape
YEAH! LET’S SEE A 2D CITY ESCAPE! City Escape is an amazing level… it really is, and I’d love to see both Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic wreck it.

Radical Highway
It matters to me not that Radical Highway is Shadow’s counterpart of Sonic’s City Escape (or that one could try to be funny and call it Mission Street). I want this level in here too. It was equally as awesome.

Green Forest
The energy of Green Forest is just awesome. Even if eight minutes is more than enough time to get through the level to keep everyone from being blown to smithereens, the level is frikin epic.

Pumpkin Hill
This is simply me asking for too much… maybe a quick reference via Sky Rail?

Pyramid Cave
Well why not? Pyramid Cave was also a very amazing level… had a flow that was very unique to the rest of the speed levels, and it introduced you to the godlike bounce attack, which is arguably Sonic’s 2nd best attack. Yeah, even better than the Homing Attack.

Final Rush
Come on. It’s Final Rush. This level was soooo amazing back in the day, and when I play it now, I still get this tingly feeling inside as I launch off that rocket onto the first rail in this chaotic looking level that hovers quite dangerously in outer space.

Grand Metropolis
In Sonic Heroes, I believe that Grand Metropolis was the only level that you could complete with Sonic and Sonic only (I don’t know if this was the case with other teams though). Since this is the only level you can complete with just Sonic, they might as well put it in. Still, really, all I wanna see is one Sonic Heroes level get wrecked by Modern and Classic Sonic and I’m good.

Air Fleet
This was my favorite level from the game Shadow the Hedgehog. Honestly, though, I don’t expect this level to show up. There’s nothing necessarily defining about it, it’s rather “regular” in terms of significance. However, I feel that this is one of the better designed levels in that game. If I’m very, very lucky, Sonic Team will think so as well.

At this point, I don’t really care what levels show up. Sonic 0Shit had some potential and whatnot, but… well, yeah. And Sonic Unleashed… I mean, they’re there. Something should show up.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sonic Team doesn’t include levels from Sonic Colors, however. And as great as that game was, it wouldn’t necessarily bother me.

Hmmm... I wonder if any zone from the portable games will be visited...

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