April 23, 2011

YouTube Greatest Features

YouTube is the #3 website in the world in terms of traffic, behind only FaceBook  at #2 and Google at #1.

YouTube's spot at #3 is pretty well deserved. Don't get me wrong, there is this glaring flaw about copyright ruining classic videos that never claimed that they owned the rights to a given song and simply wanted to use it because it sounds cool. This is dumb on the companies that bring about the copyright claim's part because they're pretty much fucking up their ability to advertise for free... do you know how many comments I've put on videos asking "what song is that?" and would then end up downloading? Do you know how you stifle that potential when you claim copyright and disable the audio on a video? There's also the flaw of commercials... it's like, oh look, people use the Internet now, might as well give them commercials. At least you can skip them... but why do commercials load faster than the actual video? What kinda shit is that?

Still, YouTube is a great website that, unlike FaceBook, I feel gets better and better every time they make an upgrade. One of the newer features that I use the most is the "Watch Later" feature. This is awesome because sometimes, there will be a video that I want to watch, but don't necessarily have the time for it. Or maybe I'm just not in the mood to watch it. Whatever the case may be, Watch Later is a feature that I abuse. I still have about 15 videos in my Watch Later playlist.

Another thing that I've grown to like is the "Like" and "Dislike" feature. Before, they had the 5 star system, which was cool, but sometimes, it was difficult to know if a video that had an average of 3 stars is good or not. But with the like/dislike system, a video's worth is pretty much defined from the jump. Seeing people's creative little "5 people fail" type of comments are also rather entertaining.

YouTube is also the best website to download music from. But I won't go into any details on that.

Overall, I like YouTube. It's much, much, much better than television. If FaceBook disappeared, I'd be like oh well, but YouTube disappeared... I'd be devastated... and then I'd move on to DailyMotion.com. It's actually a rather viable backup. ;)

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