April 1, 2011

This Day in History... April 1, 2004

Ahhh... April Fools Day... aka Troll's Day...

Once upon a time, on this day, Jacko and I were on the bus, on the way to school, thinking about various different stupid April Fools Jokes that we could randomly play on people. It was mostly simple shit like letting someone borrow a pen with no ink and saying "APRIL FOOLS!" or sticking out your leg while someone's walking and saying "APRIL FOOLS!" or giving someone a sandwich with no meat in it and saying "APRIL FOOLS!" or saying that someone you like got hit by a car and saying "APRIL FOOLS!"

And that's when something clicked.

(From this point on, names are withheld to protect the innocent.)

We knew a female friend who liked male friend of ours but didn't get to see that person often enough to be in the know of what was going on his life. Soooooo... we cleverly came up with the idea to tell that person that he got hit by a car yesterday. While it was our idea, I was the one that had to execute it because Jacko went to the school next door, but the female friend and I went to the same school.

So I see the female friend, and I tell her that the guy she likes got hit by a car yesterday as me, Jacko, and another friend of ours were rushing to cross the street. She asks me if I'm serious and in my best Oscar winning performance ever, I tell her yes, I'm serious. Now she's shocked, she gives me a hug, and as she hugs me, my face is hidden from her so I can let out a silent laugh. The hug breaks, and I don't exactly remember what happened immediately after save her leaving the class room (since she wasn't actually in that class).

Later, her cousin asks me why I wasn't too upset about it or anything like that, and I pretty much told her that while he had gotten hit and it was pretty bad, he was pretty okay and I was sure that he would make a full recovery. My gosh were my acting skills on point, and thinking on my feet against unknown skeptics too? Yeah, I'm awesome.

So a few periods pass, and I'm ready to tell her that it was an April Fools' Joke... but she comes to me with this heartfelt note that she wants me to give to him next time I go to the hospital to see him. More thinking on my feet has me decide to extend this longer than it needs to be, so I take the note and "ensure" her that the guy who got hit by the car will receive this note.

School day finally ends (period 2 to period 10... fuck sophomore year in Edison), and I meet up with some friends, including the one getting pranked and her cousin. As we walk towards the bus stop, I show the intersection where the guy who got hit got hit... she was further stunned by spontaneously derived information.

I don't remember exactly how that bus ride played out, but I do know that when I was finally left alone from everyone, I could not stop laughing... I immediately headed to Jacko's house and showed him this note, and he was like "Whoa." Yeah... neither of us had idea it would go this far.

I write a response in the dude's name, but Jacko insists that he hold on to the note so that he can show the guy who actually got hit, which is perfectly fine since I knew we were gonna meet up on the bus the next morning anyway. Next morning, I receive the note, and I hand her the response.

Win. Her reaction was priceless. Whatever it was... I don't remember it exactly, but I do know that she got got.

For many years afterwards, I tried to top that April Fools' Joke, attempting to play with emotions at every turn, but in the end, nothing was as good as that particular joke.

So last year, I pretty much retired myself from trying April Fools Jokes. Either people are too smart or the execution of a given joke isn't all there. And nothing will come as innocently, or evolve as wildly, as the joke of April 1, 2004.

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