April 10, 2011

"Cutting Marks bum ass"


My little brother Justin had bothered me practically all day yesterday, wanting to show me this video.
I really didn't care enough to want to watch it.

But then today, I go on my YouTube account (go ahead, click and subscribe/friend me if you wish) and this video titled "Cutting Marks bum ass" shows up in my subscriptions. I figure, "Oh well, might as well check it out."

So I decide to watch it.

Apparently, this guy is really cutting my ass. He's going in about how I got a boyfriend and how I suck dick. Oh my gosh, my feelings are sooooo hurt... totally upset by this.

Will I make a response? Nah... I'll save my promos for SCW...
Will I criticize this video? Nah... not like he'll listen and actually make better videos.
Will I show a video that shows someone rapping better than him? ... ... sure ...

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