April 18, 2011

They Knew About the Warp Room?

The Warp Room is a place within the Marko Man series that could instantly warp you to anywhere on the planet Earth. Yes, Anywhere.

The Warp Room was used in a number of stories when I was writing them down in books, but had very limited appearances while I was writing on the Internet. It will have more uses within he series in the reboot though.

The Warp Room was located in a swamp-like area near Snake Road. For anyone not familiar with the area of Rosedale, Snake Road is the road that snakes through this swamp/marsh like area taking you from Rosedale to Five-Towns and vice versa. It's not really a swamp as you would imagine it, but it's just a whole lot of grass and water and I've pretty much called it a swamp.

One day, I accessed my "Secret Spot" (aka North Woodmere Park, shhhhhhhhh). It's on, like, the other side of that swamp/marsh/creek (where the fuck did the creek come from? do I just make this stuff up as I go along), and I saw this sign

And I thought to myself, "Nassau County knows where the Warp Room is?"

No, I didn't trespass. But yeah, this is definitely where the Warp Room is. I can make the rest up with my own imagination. :)

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