October 17, 2011

Confirmed: Writing Heals the Soul... so JOIN ME!

This post is directly related to NaNoWriMo... National Novel Writing Month.

This is the month where people drop 50,000 words in a month (about 1,700 words in a day) and call it a novel.

Now ever since I came up with the idea to improvise a book, I've been massively, yet secretly hyped about it. I came up with the protagnist here on this blog... his name is Brendan.

And ever since, I've slowly come up with a bunch of scrambled ideas for the book.

Ultimately, this book... it might not finish by November 30th. It will have 50,000 in the bank though.

Most importantly, it will have me venting out on various frustrations in my life... in the most over-the-top way possible. I mean, I'm talking fights, deaths, explosions, poems, sex, the works. The fucking works.

And that's when I thought about it... I'm probably not the only one with frustrations and no real way to get rid of them without actually killing people... unless I write.

And I know that I have a few writer friends that may have frustrations and aren't exactly taking that out on the fact that they can, in fact, write.

So with that, I would like to invite you to NaNoWriMo.

Now normally, the goal is to write 50,000 in this month. That would mean 1,700 words a day. And for some of you, that just might not be all that feasible. So what I would suggest you do is come up with a goal that you're pretty sure you can reach. It could 500 words a day. It could be 1,000 words a day. Maybe a page a day.... maybe a single chapter, a story, a poem... maybe even, simply, Just Write Every Day. Whatever. Just make a goal dealing with writing of some sort and follow through.

Me? I'm going for the 50,000. That's plenty of room to fight people, fuck people, kill people, find the dragon balls, and bring them back. Then blow up the building that they all resurrected in. Just because I can. This book is either going to be the greatest book I ever wrote, or it won't make it past the first week.

You? Do whatever the hell you want. Let your imagination run wild next month.

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