October 18, 2011


i love your illusion.
you come and try to be different,
but you're only following a trend.
your definition of different
is something that wasn't as it was before.
mine? unique.

you present yourself as something different,
but different is all the same now.
you're nothing more
than the other one.
he's trying.
she's trying.
they're all doing whatever
looks like
its fun.

and you will never understand
the concept of being you,
for all you are,
are them.
everyone is you
and you are everyone,
for there is no difference
no matter how different
you try to become

for if you must try to be
then you aren't trying at all,
for the attempt doesn't exist.
you are who you are,
and you shouldn't have to try
to be you.

you should just be you.

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