October 18, 2011


i can't think of a metaphor
for you and i.

i can't think of a result
for you and i.

i'm ready to give up.

but not enough
simply because.

i read the rules.
i see them broken.

i read the facts.
i see opinions.

i get all the hope in the world.
that hope gets sniped.

some say i should keep trying.
some say i should give up.

some say i shouldn't let you rock.
some say i should continue to rock.

you won't let me hold you.
i'm tired of reaching.

and still, i reach.
and still, you avoid.

you stay... just out of reach.
i don't understand.

it's like... you like seeing my hand,
but you won't touch it.

should i keep trying,
or should the trying end?

should i continue,
or should i confirm game over?

should i continue to search
for the proper metaphor?

or should i understand the reality
that this might not ever be?

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