October 28, 2011

This One Dream I Had...

Okay... so let me see if I can accurately recall this crazy ass dream that I had...

I was fighting Vegeta, then there was something about the universe about to swallow itself. So for whatever reason, I "ended" the fight by Mega Punching Vegeta in the temple (but you know, it didn't really knock him down for too long, with him being a Super Saiyan and all) and then I flew off to see if I could stop the universe from swallowing itself.

Sure enough, there was some kind of enemy that was trying to swallow the universe whole, and somehow, with the help of Jacko, Kevin, Nicole, and Katalina(that is a relatively interesting combination of heroes to form a team with), we kill the guy, but he's like its too late because even a dead version of him will swallow the universe. And his dead body almost did swallow the universe, but it seemed to have reversed itself at the last second... like, I had almost gotten swallowed up, but then just as I stopped breathing, the swallowing stopped and I was able to live.

A few hours pass in dream time and Kevin calls me telling me that the universe swallowing guy is still alive, bothering my little brother Justin and what not. So I fly over to where they're at, and Justin's trying to fight the guy, but he's getting his ass beat. Kevin tries to fight him too, but he gets his ass beat, and then I get mad. So I fight him, but I'm on defense, because this guy is ruthless. He leaves himself open at one point, and I take advantage by punching him in the nuts. After that, I go vintage Marko Man and totally annihilate the guy with a 500+ hit combo.

Unfortunately, there's this giant meteor coming to annihilate the planet (because obviously someone is mad that we survived the universe swallowing), so Jacko summons Justin Scott, who is a completely different beast from my little brother, and he uses his ultimate psychic powers to hold the meteor off while I get some random NASA guys or something to fly into space and destroy the thing.

The destruction of the meteor, however, sends nice little rocks into plenty of graveyards and begins a Zombie Apocalypse. We didn't know it started the Zombie Apocalypse at first, but it did reanimate my father in a relatively healthy form, which I found mind blowing. First thing we did was reunite him with my mom and brothers, and then I was like how I needed to introduce her to Sally, who was dying to meet him... well not dying, because she was alive and... well, whatever. However, the trip to Philly gets cut short because the Zombie Apocalypse begins and we gotta fight zombies and whatnot.

Of course, killing that which is already dead is never an easy task, so we're out here, failing miserably to defeat these things. That's when my father's like he'll stay and fight these things while I gather up some hero friends. This sounds like an amazing plan, except I suddenly can't find anyone. And I'm fighting Zombies, trying to figure out where these people are at.

Eventually, I get tired, and the zombies get closer and closer to killing me until one zombie decides that I could be "useful" in the quest to be loved...

And I'm thinking to myself... "Loved? What?!"

The zombie explains to me that their bodies were not loved either by the people who held them (which explained the fat bastard zombie and the zombie with a whole lot of scars on their wrist) or was not loved by the people around them (which explained stab wounds, bullet holes, and missing arms). And that's when I realized that none of these zombies were... "normal," if that makes any sense. They all look like they died via some kind of physical, bodily damage, as opposed to sickness or dying in their sleep. And all they wanted was to be loved.

And apparently, they were holding my friends hostage because of the love I have for them. And they said that I could get them back in single pieces if I could figure out how their bodies could receive the same love that I had given my friends.

Unfortunately, I had no idea I was going to be able to pull that off.

And then I woke up. I guess my subconscious came up with a simple solution to save everyone... wake the fuck up.

I guess the moral of the story is... I Love You Guys. ♥

And not just the people mentioned here... I Love You All.

Additionally, I get the feeling that I had a dream similar to this before...

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