October 11, 2011

Lovely Paradox

It's been a long trip.

It's a trip with a start I don't remember,
And an end, not in sight.

Traveling within the paradox,
Defeated by the odds,
I look for love.

I've received much advice about love.
Be nice.
Just wait.
Take it slow.

I'm tired of waiting for a love
That's supposed to belong to me.
I just wanna take love.
Make love.
And make it my own.

But I tried love many times,
Many times love failed,
But how can I say love failed,
When I still feel love
And still feel the need for love
And still believe in love?

Oh, what a paradox I live in,
Vortex of my mind, body, and soul,
Willing to do everything to feel,
And yet, impatient in achieving desire.
Patience is a virtue,
And that impatience,
Is what they call lust.

Still the irony though,
That I don't lust for you.
I've seen the dedication needed,
And I'm ready to invest,
Ready for you to invest.
I need an ally in this war,
No, a partner, a friend,
An eternal companion.

I'd be willing to stand by your side
If your side is worth standing for.
I have side worth standing for,
But maybe... maybe it's not.
Maybe standing over here
Reaps nothing but pain,
Especially due to my own impatience,
So maybe...
I do need to wait.

For each consecutive land,
Shows more and more promise,
And each consecutive prospect
Shows more and more potential.
And somewhere along this line,
I should find that which is mine,
As I belong to you.
And we fuse together,
Letting bygones be bygones
Creating our own paradox.

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