October 18, 2011

Sight (i really don't like that title)

pain builds up in me
as you search for the wrong answers.
every so often
i find hints,
indicating that you just might
find the right solution soon.
but soon will never be soon enough,
and it might too late
for the both of us.

you search here.
you search there.
i try to show you.
but you're blind.

you seem
to trust me about everything.
but that.
like i don't know
what i'm talking about.

i didn't want to be the teacher.
i figure that i'd be water
you'd be a cell,
osmosis would occur,
and we could just jones.

jones it out
for the rest of eternity,
because it wouldn't end
at the end.

but you refuse to learn.
you refuse to see.
and as a result,
it hurts you,
just as it hurts me.

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